Tina Doherty

Independence (SA) Pty Ltd

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Travelling the road back to independence in daily life – this is the focus for Occupational Therapist Tina Doherty.
Tina provides assistance primarily to injured workers within the SA Return to Work Scheme, plus limited services within other schemes.
For information regarding Tina’s services, please see below.

Driver Assessment & Rehabilitation

The loss of driving independence is often one of the most difficult barriers to face following an injury. Driving may become very limited due to pain or physical deconditioning. The client’s licence may be medically suspended due to injury or illness. Regardless of the circumstances, assistance is possible through Tina Doherty’s Driver Assessment services.

Return to Work

An injured worker’s pathway of rehabilitation and return to work can face some difficult challenges. Tina can assist in a number of ways to help achieve a safe, timely and durable return to work.

Return to Independence

Tina supports those with long-term injuries to move forward, to re-evaluate priorities, and to find a way to regain a connection with valued interests and activities again.