Driver Assessment & Rehabilitation

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Driver Assessment & Rehabilitation

Driving is one of the most complex tasks that we complete on a daily basis. This is because driving requires a person to harmonise the use of visual, physical and cognitive (thinking) skills, all in a constantly changing environment. Any changes or loss of function in any of these areas may affect a person’s ability to drive.
Tina is a specialised Driver Trained Occupational Therapist (DTOT), which means she is qualified to assess these skills as they relate specifically to the task of driving.

Driver Assessment services include:

  • Assessments for licenced drivers who are having difficulty driving due to pain or deconditioning. Recommendations focus on improving driving comfort and tolerance.
  • Assessments for drivers with a permanent impairment in driving. Aides or modifications may be prescribed and installed to enable the driver to return to safe and comfortable driving.
  • Assessments for licencing. A comprehensive off-road and on-road assessment will provide the treating doctor or specialist with recommendations to guide their decision about their patient’s capacity to drive.

Driver Rehabilitation services include:

  • Coaching in methods and techniques to improve driving comfort and tolerance
  • Training support for drivers who are being prescribed with driving aides or modifications
  • Exposure driving programs for drivers with anxiety or post-traumatic stress